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BARlo & Terrace Lounge


Arlo NoMad’s barroom, BARlo, located on the second floor of the hotel, features sleek walnut accents and high top cocktail tables. BARlo can be reserved individually for intimate crowds or combined with our bohemian-styled Terrace Lounge up to 55 guests.

Need even more space? Reserve our entire second floor (BARlo, Terrace Lounge, and the Studios) for groups up to 100.

BARlo Dimensions

  • Room Size | 19.5 Feet X 22.5 Feet (439 Square Feet)
  • Capacity | 25 Reception

Terrace Lounge

  • Room Size | 29 Feet X 19 Feet (531 Square Feet)
  • Capacity | 30 Reception

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