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Arlo Cares

As a lifestyle hospitality innovator, we embrace the mandate to provide exceptional service, operate sustainably for the environment, along with dedicating ourselves to inspiring change to all those who cross our threshold. We have a responsibility to help strengthen our local communities as well as create access and opportunity. We’re bringing new ideas, partners and actions into our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion journey to live up to our purpose. Arlo Cares speaks to more than our community of employees and partners, it’s our commitment to our values and the actions we’re taking. When it comes to embracing diversity within our communities, enhancing the environments we create, and elevating the service we provide, there’s more work to be done. We hold ourselves responsible to fulfill a commitment to serve as a home base for an inclusive and diverse community both inside & outside of the Arlo family.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Initiatives

For Us

We strive to lead the hospitality industry through diverse representation across our workforce. Our EDI Committee is responsible for implementing and holding all team members accountable to a strategic commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, and one of those examples is our Anti-Racism Policy.

For You

Arlo has adopted an Arlo House Rules policy, which all guests must sign upon checking into our hotels. Bullying, harassment, discrimination, physical assault and damage of property are strictly prohibited to ensure an inclusive environment where every person is treated with dignity and respect.

Arlo Hotels has been recognized as an Inclusive Workplace for 2023 by the Best Companies Group and COLOR Magazine! 

This achievement is possible because of the collective efforts of our entire team. Each day, we strive to ensure that every team member feels heard, valued, and included, because we truly believe that our diversity is our strength. This recognition is a testament to our ongoing commitment to fostering an environment of inclusivity and belonging in our workplace.

Being part of the Inclusive Workplace list serves as a powerful reminder that when we prioritize respect, inclusivity, and belonging, we create a workplace that is not only enjoyable to be part of but also drives us to new heights of success!

We promise to continue to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do. This recognition is just the beginning of our journey, and Arlo Hotels is more committed than ever to making our workplace a beacon of inclusivity and belonging.

Our Causes

  • Henry Street Settlement

    Henry Street Settlement opens doors of opportunity for Lower East Side residents and other New Yorkers. Arlo through social services, arts, and healthcare programs.

  • New York Cares: The Way to Volunteer

    New York Cares is a nonprofit organization focused on volunteer management and was founded in 1987 by a group of New Yorkers who wanted to take action against social issues in New York City. The organization currently engages 65,000 volunteers in service each year.

  • Miami Rescue Mission, Broward Outreach Centers: Serving the Homeless and Needy

    Miami Rescue Mission assists men, women and children affected by homelessness. With impacting and thoughtful residential programs, the organization is able to provide food, shelter, education, employment resources, and much more to those in need.

Our Environmental Mission

Home Base

Our team aspires to operate a sustainably conscious hotel that is turning a new leaf for the industry. From the elimination of single-use plastics to eco-friendly building functionalities, we’re committed to a mindful vision of hospitality.


As explorers, we appreciate the beauty of travel and global ecosystems. Our team carefully curates events, festivals and ocean clean-ups that give back to charitable partners working tirelessly to keep our world clean.

Plant-Based Cuisine

We’ve devoted a portion of all restaurant menus to plant-based options, catering to health-conscious travelers while also reducing our direct impact on carbon emissions, water use and waste byproducts produced by the animal-based foods industry.