With Empire State Building views, sky-high scenes of the city, and water towers all around, you could easily say there is no better place to stay in the city than the heart of NoMad. At Arlo NoMad, we offer all of these views and more on all of our room types. High floor or low, our views will unleash your inner urban explorer and make you want to get out there to see all of what this city has to offer.

Charming Architecture: Urban Queen

What better way to find your inner urban explorer at Arlo than to stay in our Urban Queen? With views ranging from the charming artitecture of older New York buildings, to brand new builds currently in construction, the view is sure to never get old.

Water Towers: Bunk Room

Water Towers and the Empire State building come together to mix in with the work routine you can see of the people who live in this city. Feel like you’re a part of the everyday scenario of NYC living with this view.

Urban Jungle: Queen City

Feel surrounded by a classic New York scene that every New Yorker wishes they could see from their own apartment windows. Building facades, water towers, and the Empire State building seem so close you feel like you can touch them. It doesn’t get more New York than this.

Cityscape: King City

You may just get a bit of vertigo looking over this view. The whole cityscape of NoMad and beyond keeps you inspired and on your toes, always looking for your next adventure. A nice reminder than you are indeed staying in the heart of this city.

Up in the Sky (or NYC from Above): Sky View

For those who don’t fear heights – get ready to wake up in the sky. It’s just you and some glass that keeps you from New York! Watch the sunrise over the city while you’re still tucked away in the sheets, or watch the sunset after you’re back from a day of exploring. This is truly a view to make you feel like you’re on top of the world.