What does the name Arlo mean to you? Stemming from Anglo-Saxon words for “fortified hill,” it’s come to be a nickname for serious names like Harley, Arlene and Harlow. Arlo Hotel owner and founder Oleg Pavlov loved this name so much because it signifies the child within, regardless of gender. Aside from being a great name for a hotel (ahem), as well as the singer Arlo Guthrie, who knew it was such a popular name for some of our favorite furry friends? Check out these ultra cute and lovable dogs of Instagram named the best name out there—Arlo.

Photo by @arlo.dood

This adorable Goldendoodle calls the East Village home. Recently filmed for Japanese television, Arlo the Goldendoodle is no stranger to fame: He’s a doggy social media influencer with 20k+ followers!

Photo by @arlobeagle

Arlo the beagle hails all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia. This spunky pup loves mooncakes and is quite the adventurous eater.

Photo by @arlothepompsky

This Pomsky loves peanut butter and his pom sister Kensie. An aspiring model born in Portland, Oregon, Arlo now lives his best southwest life in Albuquerque, NM. His 30K followers can’t get enough of his lion-like mane..

Photo by @simba_and_arlo_the_oodles

G’day mate! This toy Cavoodle lives Down Under in Melbourne. Brother and best friend of Red Toy Poodle Simba, Arlo the Cavoodle loves showing off his kerchiefs to his 20k+ Insta fans.

Photo by @arlo_the_cav

This Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves to party and play dress up (watermelon costumes are a good bet). Arlo the Cav may be from Phoenix, but is a huge Dodgers fan.

Photo by @arlo_kazan

Arlo Kazan is a yellow lab puppy from Upstate New York. His sign is Aquarius, and we could look into his eyes forever.

Photo by @arlohavanese

Arlo the Havanese is a breed of Bichon type. Fun fact: Havanese is the national dog of Cuba, but Arlo is living la vie belle in Montreal, and seems to have a permanent smile.

Photo by @cockapoo_arlo

Is there anything cuter than a cockapoo in a UPS costume? Arlo is a Northern California pooch with an endearing mustache.

Photo by @arloandgeorgia

In sunny San Luis Obispo, CA, this Arlo is a brindle mutt with pointy ears and a love of naps.

Photo by @arlos_modern_life

With his floppy ears and droopy eyes, Arlo the basset hound leads a very modern life in Brooklyn…if you call dog walks, snoozing in the sun, and all-around lounging modern.

Photo by @arlo.thedachshund

There’s something about dachshund’s faces that makes them look wise beyond their size. And Arlo, an Australian dachshund, looks particularly gifted, especially when she’s wearing one of her adorable bowties or strikes a glamor pose. Her 34K followers know a smart doggie when they see one!