Name: Brandon Sines AKA Frank Ape

Instagram: @frank_ape

Where are you from?
I was born in Los Angeles and spent my early childhood bouncing back and forth from LA and NYC.  I then moved to Toronto where I spent my formative years and have been in NYC for almost 11 years now.

What being an ARLOcal means to you:
To look at the ever-changing city in which you live as a new adventure to be discovered every day.  To give back any way you can, whether by getting behind a cause you believe in, making a positive difference in your community or just being friendly to the people you encounter throughout your day.

What industry are you in, what do you do and how do you define happiness?
I am a visual artist, creating drawings and paintings, murals and 3D works that aim to inspire and give the viewer a feeling of joy.  I define happiness as forgetting the negative thoughts that weigh us down and focussing on the things we are grateful for at that moment.

What are you most passionate about?
Besides my growing family (we just had our first baby), I am passionate about reaching as far as I can worldwide to connect people of all ages and backgrounds to the positive powers of Frank.  For anyone to see my work and feel inspired to create their own art or have the confidence to be their true selves – that is my passion.

Charity work (if any):

  • Bailey House has been providing housing and supportive services for people living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illness for more than three decades – I have been donating pieces to their annual auction/gala/fundraiser for the past 4 years
  • Gen Q / Community House provides individuals and families with the tools to enrich their lives and build healthy, inclusive communities. – donated custom mural to their Gen Q headquarters.
  • Young New Yorkers

Favorite place you have been in the world:

Where will you get on a plane to when COVID is over?
The first place I will probably fly to next is LA to see my family that I’ve missed a lot this past year.

Where our guests can find you:


Instagram: @frank_ape

Photo credits: Chris MacArthur