Name: Chris Roth

Instagram: @highlinewellness
Where are you from? Northport, New York on Long Island.

What industry are you in and how do you define happiness? 

I am the founder and CEO of Highline Wellness, a health and wellness company specializing in premium CBD products. Success is defined by how many people we have a positive impact on.

How is your brand working with Arlo hotels and how do you envision being a part of Arlo in the future?

Highline Wellness is working with Arlo Hotels to help bring ease, comfort and stress-free days to guests during Art Basel 2021. We’ll be providing guests with complimentary Highline Wellness CBD Night Gummies and hosting workouts every morning throughout the week to help them start their day the right way. Guests attending the workout classes will also receive a curated selection of Highline Products to support recovery post-workouts. We’d love to expand this program to the Arlo Hotels in our hometown, NYC.

What does being an ARLOcal means to you?

Being an ARLOcal means a lot because Arlo Hotels has been a staple of New York hotels and to be able to have a positive impact on the people who are staying there through health and wellness products is an exciting opportunity.

What are you most passionate about?

Health and Wellness, specifically mental health. It’s something our whole company feels passionate about and we’re lucky to be able to work everyday with the goal of improving our customers and communities mental health.

Charity work (if any):

As a company we’ve donated over $250k to charities and communities in need of help since we launched in 2019.

Favorite place you have been in the world:

Mykonos, Greece

Where will you get on a plane to next:

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Where our guests can find you:

Website here