What’s that sound flying outta your mouth? It’s the word “wheeeeeee!” and it’s what you’ll be screaming when you rent a jet ski while you’re in Miami Beach. Whether for an hour or an afternoon, single rider or doubled up, it’s exhilarating good fun. So don’t miss out on water sport beach adventures during your stay. Here are a few of our favorite jet ski rental options around Miami/South Beach.

Water Sports Miami Beach

For a full-service outfitter with a great reputation, try Water Sports Miami Beach. They feature all 2019 Yamaha model jet skis, so their fleet is up to date and ready to zip. Located conveniently on Miami Beach, you’ll just hop aboard and get going before you know it. The company also offers fishing charters, snorkel adventures, parasailing, beach sport equipment rentals, and more, so ask them about all their options! Reach them on their website here.

Miami Beachsports

For over a quarter-century, Miami Beachsports has been the place to rent your waverunner or jet ski, as well as serve all your beachside needs, like cabanas and lounge chairs, beach umbrellas and more. Located right in the heart of Miami Beach on Collins Ave, they’re highly convenient and will make your ride as smooth (or bumpy!) as you wish. Be sure to check Groupon as they often run specials. Contact them here for more info and a coupon on their website.

Miami Tours and Water Adventures

Another one-stop-shop for all things aquatic is Miami Tours and Water Adventures. They offer everything from charter yachts to paddleboards and all points in between. A great feature of their jet ski offerings is the option to take their “ultimate tour” which jets you around Virginia Key, Downtown Miami, the port of Miami, Fisher Island, Star Island, and beyond. Connect with them on their website here, and be sure to check the site for coupons.

Miami Jet Ski Rental

Like the name says, Miami Jet Ski Rental specializes in jet skis and everything fun you can do on them! Located on Biscayne Bay (they also can take you out on the ocean), they do more than just let you ride around in circles—they’ll show you all around the hidden treasures of Miami’s waterways so you’ll see the most memorable sights on one of their high-speed guided tours. Find them here, and be sure to check the site for web discounts.

Miami Water Sports

Skedaddle on over to the Sea-Doo jet skis of Miami Water Sports when you’re looking for a reliable, well-established jet ski rental outfit with a fleet of watercraft that’ll get you speeding over the warm, tropical waters like a seasoned pro. And speaking of pros, if you’d like to capture your adventure on video, they can mount a Go-Pro camera on your jet ski and capture the whole ride for you to show off and make your friends all jealous. Click here to visit their site and make reservations.


Lastly, another good option if you’re shopping around for the best deal is simply to hit Groupon, and see what sort of discounts on jet ski rentals they’re offering during your stay in Miami. Often, you’ll find some amazing deals, from some of the best-known companies in the business. Just be sure to read all the fine print and check for dates and restrictions, and you should be good to go.


In general, you can expect to pay roughly around $60 for a half hour to $150 for the full hour for a jet ski rental, or similar prices depending on what company or model watercraft you select. Often, but not always, a hefty security deposit is required, and you’ll be given instructions how to drive your jet ski to make sure boater safety is always observed. Some rentals are guided tours, others just let you drive around a prescribed area. Whichever route you choose, you’ll have a wild-and-wet ride! Grab a Jet Ski rental and explore the waters around Miami Beach!