Have you really actually been somewhere if you didn’t post it to your Insta? It’s debatable for sure. One of the great pleasures of traveling somewhere with as many iconic locales as Miami Beach is grabbing a selfie or an arty shot and filtering it to perfection for your fans and followers back home. From the classic Miami Modern and Art Deco buildings to the sparkling waters of the yacht-strewn marinas to the gorgeous people strolling the pristine sandy beaches to the intense energy of the night clubs, the serenity of the palm trees—and, of course, the classic and eminently Instagrammable Nautilus by Arlo…! you never run out of scenes to post on your IG when you’re in Miami South Beach. Here are just a few of our favorite spots.

Wynwood Arts District

The open-air graffiti walls alone could take up your entire feed, but while you’re cruising Wynwood Arts District, be sure to stop and post pics of all the funky eateries, galleries, bars and clubs as well. The crazy colors and vivid vibe of the neighborhood are all instantly identifiable as pure Miami (be sure to snap a shot of the rooftop poem if you can score a good vantage point—or a drone), and there are endless ways to capture the pulse of this vibrant district for your followers.

Little Havana

From Cubano sandwiches and Cuban coffee, to empanadas and frozen drinks, from the night clubs and open-air markets of Calle Ocho, to classic cars, cigars, cruise ships, crowds, and more, nearly any photo you take in Miami’s Little Havana is going to evoke the eclectic energy of the people who call this lively neighborhood home.

Art Deco Landmarks

From classic luxury hotels like the Colony, the Biltmore (a national historical landmark), the Delano, the Park Central, the Raleigh (with its iconic pool) and the National, to 50s-style chrome-trimmed diners, museums, and theaters (don’t neglect the Tower Theater), Miami’s Art Deco Historic District lets your followers know you’ve truly landed in town. Cruise Ocean Drive and stop every few steps for a snap, and you’re golden. Hashtag #thisismiami


The Coppertone Girl: A baby. A diaper. A dog. Since 1958, this sign has towered above the town at 7300 Biscayne Blvd, reminding us to slather on the sunblock lest we damage our baby-smooth skin. During Hurricane Irma, the sign was badly damaged, but has been restored to full (moon) glory since.

Welcome to Miami Beach: Julia Tuttle Causeway near Alton Rd – make it quick since there’s no parking, but as you head into town be sure to snap and tag this iconic Art Deco welcome sign, so you’ve got proof you made it!
Little Havana Wall Murals: Stroll the streets of Little Havana and soak in all the wonderful wall murals, from restaurants and shops to artistic endeavors for pure delight. (Look for the rooster on Calle 8, and the old-school “Little Havana” sign for extra Instagram-worthy shots.)


From the iconic hot-pink lifeguard towers of Miami Beach to the pretty palm trees proliferating everywhere, to the wide swaths of sparkly white sand framed by towering glass skyscrapers, you could paper your page with nothing but Miami Beach shots—and you probably should start there!


Be sure to stop for some cultural snaps at one of the several world-class museums dotting Miami, such as the Perez Art Museum, which offers an incredible collection of contemporary art from the 20th and 21st centuries, and the ultra-cool (see what we did there) Frost Museum of Science, which lets you dive down into the sea with an awesome aquarium, gaze up at the stars from their world-class planetarium, then explore everything science-y in between.

Gianni Versace’s Casa Casuarina

Posh? Check. Lavish? Check. Gaudy… yeah, kinda! The late designer Gianni Versace’s former home is an endless font (pardon the fountain pun) of Italianesque mosaic tiles, gilded staircases, pools, and statuary that’ll have your feed feeling like an Italian country villa vomited all over it—in a good way.

And of Course… Nautilus By Arlo!

When you’re staying at a classic Art Deco landmark, you’ve pretty much “arrived.” And we think that deserves some coverage on your Instagram! After a day out on the town ogling and ‘gramming everything in Miami, take some time to relax at “home” at the hotel and share the highlights of your stay with your friends. From our 1,800-foot shimmering salt water swimming pool, to snaps of your spacious suite, to action shots while you’re out for a bike ride on one of the sweet cycles provided for your pleasure, to poolside cabanas, cocktails and great eats at our Cabana Club, everything you’ll point your phone camera at is eminently worthy of hashtag #beststayever.