Our partner, Heart for Art, has given us 10 Art Recommendations for the Spring and Summer. Check them out here and be sure to book your Heart for Art tour with discount code ‘ARLOVIP’ for 30% off here. Exhibitions are constantly changing and their expert guides will show you the most anticipated shows of the season!

1. Grant Wood: American Gothic and Other Fables
Whitney Museum of American Art
Closes June 10th
We all know the famous 20th century painting, American Gothic. You know, the one that features a farmer holding a pitchfork and his wife in front of their wooden home. But do you know, anything about Grant Wood’s other works? This exhibition is a survey of the American artist’s career and illustrates the diverse nature of it.

2. CARY LEIBOWITZ | I need to grow up and be taken seriously said the clown at the urinal
Invisible Exports
Closes May 13, 2018
Leibowitz’s (aka Candy Ass’) mixed media show at Invisible Exports is an explosion of colors, shapes and texts! The New York born artist is famous for his text paintings that feature neurotic one-liners on pastel canvases. We love it because the juxtaposition of playful colors with neurotic text makes for a very interesting exhibition.

3. Yinka Shonibare MBE: Wind Sculpture (SG) 1
Doris C. Freedman Plaza (at 60th Street)
Closes October 14th
Nigerian-British artist Yinka Shonibare, MBE crafted a fiber glass sculpture for Doris C. Freedman Plaza (on 60th Street). The beautiful piece was created in an effort to ‘sculpt wind’ and is presented by the Public Art Fund. It makes for the perfect outdoor art piece as its colorful tones brighten up the midtown location it is in.

4. The Senses: Design Beyond Vision
Cooper Hewitt
Closes October 28th
Cooper Hewitt’s newest exhibition is one of the most interactive ones we’ve seen in the city! The show was designed to illustrate how sensory design can benefit everyone, including those with disabilities. The museum invites visitors to touch and interact with absolutely everything in these rooms, including – a wall covered in fur, scratch and sniff wallpaper and something that looks like Dexter’s Laboratory.

5. Diamond Mountains: Travel and Nostalgia in Korean Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Closes May 20th
This exhibition is composed of works loaned from several Korean cultural institutions. The works all represent the Diamond Mountains, the most recognizable site on the Korean peninsula. As the range is located in what is today North Korea, access to the beautiful site has been limited in recent history and this show brings to life some of the awe-inspiring beauty of the mountain range.

6. Rita McBride: Particulates
DIA Chelsea
Closes June 2nd
McBride has created an enormous laser installation in one of the DIA Chelsea spaces! The installation is a series of high-intensity, green lasers and was inspired by time travel, light and space.

7. The Jim Henson Exhibition
Museum of the Moving Image
Jim Henson was the man behind Muppets. Forty seven of his famous creations are housed in the museum. Kids and adults find this place equally entertaining. Just a heads up, advanced reservations are recommended for this popular exhibit!

8. Boucherouite: Franchesca DiMattio
Salon 94 Bowery
Closes April 21st
The fifth solo exhibition of Franchesca DiMattio at Salon 94 Bowery has both sculpture and painting. We are recommending it for the sculptures -DiMattio’s three ceramic sculptures can definitely be categorized as ‘extra’. They are colorful and are more than nine feet tall. As the work gets taller, the crafting of the ceramic gets more intricate and complex.

9. Tarsila do Amaral: Inventing Modern Art in Brazil
Closes June 3rd
Tarsila do Amaral was a Brazilian painter and is recognized as one of the leading Latin American modernist painters. Her work is widely celebrated in Brazil, but this is the first show in the United States dedicated solely to her work. Her paintings are exceptionally beautiful and have a warm essence to them.

10. Keltie Ferris: (F(U(T()U)R)E)
Mitchell-Innes & Nash
Closes May 19th
This is Ferris’ fourth solo exhibition at Mitchell-Innes & Nash and features ten of her new paintings. Different parts of her paintings are emphasized based on the materials Ferris uses (ranging from a spray gun to thick graphite paint). We love the geometric and simultaneously abstract nature of her work!