We are pleased to announce our retail partner MAISON 10! Shop now across all three Arlo Properties.

Located in the heart of New York on 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, MAISON 10 provides a unique platform for talented and innovative artists and designers to bring high quality products to a wider market. At the core of the concept is that only 10 carefully curated items are available across each of 10 categories and a full 10% from each sale is donated to 1 of 10 charities – in Arlo’s careful case and favor, that’s Henry Street Settlement!

A a not-for-profit social service agency in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City that provides social services, arts programs and health care services to New Yorkers of all ages.

With a brand new, carefully crafted merchandise installation now live across all three locations, some fascinating products include curated fragrances from Ulrich Lang New York that brings a fusion of passion and contemporary photography from the mind of this influential artist, exquisite scents from Keap Candles, a Brooklyn based crafting studio that creates sustainable scented candles made with clean-burning coconut wax that will delight, refresh and transport you to nature-inspired memories, and super fun, mind-boggling puzzles from Craighill, a Brooklyn based design company engaged in developing, manufacturing, and selling enduring high quality objects that ignite a sense of wonder.