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The Layman’s Version

These policies include our house rules on things like no parties, no smoking, and no weapons, along with our commitment to mutual respect, and ensuring the safety of our guests and team members at all times. Please read the complete Arlo House Rules below.

Welcome to Arlo Hotels! In order to maintain safety and ensure enjoyment for guests and team members at all times, we appreciate your abiding by the following policies:

At Arlo Hotels we are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment of mutual respect for all guests, team members and partners. We expect our guests to celebrate each other’s differences and to always treat one another with dignity and respect. Bullying, harassment, discrimination, physical assault and damage of property are strictly prohibited. 

Please be mindful of noise levels. Our maximum occupancy per room should not be exceeded. Large gatherings inside the guest rooms or corridors are prohibited and will result in removal from the property. 

Arlo Hotels prohibits the possession or use of weapons of any kind on company property. A license to carry a weapon on company property does not supersede company policy. 

We are a 100% non-smoking hotel. We do not tolerate smoking of any type in any of our guestrooms, corridors, and public spaces (including private terraces and rooftops). Our front desk is happy to suggest nearby smoke friendly areas. Guests who violate this policy and/or tamper with any smoke detectors will be charged a non-refundable fee of $250.00. 

Arlo Hotels reserves the right to deny admittance and service to any guest who fails to comply with all policies as stated above. We greatly appreciate your understanding of all of these policies and require your acknowledgement by signature when you check-in. We look forward to hosting your urban adventure!