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Step into a captivating realm of culinary delight at Sungold, where sophistication intertwines with intimacy. Red leather seating gracefully lines the perimeter, complemented by individual pendant lights that cast a gentle glow upon the white granite floors, creating an atmosphere that exudes both elegance and comfort. As daylight graces the space, it transforms into a bright and inviting haven, while the evening envelops it in the enchantment of candlelit mystique, revealing an open kitchen where culinary artistry takes center stage. Our delectable offerings are a symphony of flavors, enhancing the experience and leaving an indelible memory with every visit, where contrasts blend seamlessly to offer an experience that lingers—a place where the sunlit warmth of daytime gives way to the captivating allure of night.

An engaging eatery of Arlo Williamsburg, Sungold features 1,250 square feet of a hospitably warm atmosphere.


  • Room Size: 1,250 Square Feet
  • Capacity: 60 Seated

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