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Water Tower

Nestled within the enchanting confines of Arlo Williamsburg, the Water Tower stands as a luminous gem of sophistication, offering a resplendent sanctuary where artistry and ambiance intertwine. Ascending to the pinnacle of urban allure, this ethereal haven captures the essence of modern chic while honoring the storied tapestry of its Brooklyn locale.

Upon entering the Water Tower bar, guests are welcomed by an atmosphere of refined opulence. Gleaming under the soft embrace of pendant lights, the bar’s centerpiece, a meticulously restored water tower, presides as a testament to time-honored craftsmanship and innovation. Its wrought-iron silhouette gracefully reaches towards the heavens, an eloquent ode to the hotel’s industrial lineage.

As the evening sun makes its graceful descent, the Water Tower bar evolves into an enchanting dreamscape. The panoramic windows frame Brooklyn’s skyline, where twinkling city lights mirror the stars. Here, conversations flow like the finest vintage, laughter fills the air, and the indelible memories of a night spent in the Water Tower bar linger long after the last toast.

For a seated guest count of 28 or less, the Water Tower is the ideal, elevated space to host your guests. A captivating sanctuary of Arlo Williamsburg, the Water Tower features 1,500 square feet of a breathtaking atmosphere with an unbelievable view of New York City’s skyline. The maximum capacity for this space is 28 guests seated and 70 guests standing.


  • Room Size: 960 Square Feet
  • Capacity: 28 Seated | 70 Standing

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