Name: Dria Murphy

Instagram: @driamurphy
Where are you from?: San Francisco, CA

What industry are you in and what do you do: 

I do creative brand building via marketing and brand placement for clients within the wellness and lifestyle space. Female entrepreneurship is very important to me so most clients are female founded in addition to touching the sustainability space.

Tell us about how you started Alise Collective:

I began my career in traditional fashion public relations working at Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and TopShop. I then went on to work at a fashion tech startup that ended up not making it long term. This pushed me to re-evaluate my career desires, which I may have never done if I was never pushed out of my comfort zone.

So I started Alise Collective because I wanted to take a 360 approach to building brands that I wholeheartedly stand behind. All of my clients produce things I actually use, wear, visit, take, etc. But the reality is that the industry has changed so much, becoming very saturated, so a traditional PR approach is simply not enough. We provide everything from brand partnerships, events and retail inclusion to digital content creation, social management, analytics tracking, etc.

How are you collaborating with Arlo and what are you most excited about with this collaboration?

I am curating the wellness programming for Miami Art Week this season in addition to curating the in-room wellness amenities. I am excited about this collaboration because health and wellness is so important during this crazy week, yet it is often neglected. By curating these offerings with Arlo, their hotel guests and outside guests have the option to stay on their workout routine without leaving the property. We are also giving them a discovery element to try new wellness products to help them successfully get through the week.

FlexIt Fit is bringing in one of Jlo’s trainers, Johanna Sapakie, who will lead us on a total body workout using just your body weight. My girl Bec, will be doing her signature band workout and Tremble Fitness will be doing their low impact signature pilates mat class. Post class we will have Highline Wellness relief rollers, Well Told health energy boosters, SugarBreak stabilize products, Linne Botanicals lip balm (my fav and essential for outdoor workouts) and more!

I wanted to curate the in-room wellness amenities to include things guests would benefit from when traveling but especially during a nonstop Art basel week. I made sure to include Well Told Health’s energy boosters because they give me clean, sustained energy and are only made of organic rhodiola rosea, organic beets, organic maca and organic matcha tea in vegan capsule shells. They enable your body to adapt to strain which tends to be the case during this week. Now when it comes to sleep, it is always helpful to have some assistance when traveling so I included Highline Wellness CBD and melatonin gummies. We also have included SugarBreak’s stabilize products to help with post meal glucose spikes and sugar absorption.

Lastly, we have included a one week pass to Sollis Health’s Miami clinic, a members-only medical concierge service. Sollis can provide you with an additional level of safety and peace of mind during Art Week with Covid-19 testing, IV fusions, booster shots, etc.

What does Miami Art Week mean to you and what makes this year different?

I think this year will bring more creativity than ever before given the last year+ we haven’t had Art Week. I love coming to Miami for Art Week because I get so inspired not only by the art but also by the people the week brings in.

What do the brands you work with mean to you and how do you curate collaborations with them?

The brands I work with almost always touch wellness and lifestyle, sustainability and/or are female founded. I love to bring like minded brands together so they can collaborate and share success. It’s important to me that I am only working with those brands I feel some sort of connection with so I can authentically help them grow and get to the next step.

Where will you get on a plane to next?

San Francisco to go home to visit my family for the Christmas holiday.

Where our guests can find you:

On the Ocean Terrace working in the morning and beach by afternoon! Also I will be sure to stop into Sollis Health’s Miami location for an IV infusion to get some extra hydration during the busy week.

@driamurphy and @alisecollective