Name: Melanie Masarin

Instagram: @melaniemasarin

Where are you from and/or what made you move to NYC?

I was born in Lyon, France. I moved to the US for college and after graduating from Brown I moved to NYC to get my first job.

What industry are you in and what do you do? 

I am the Founder and CEO of the non-alcoholic aperitif company Ghia, whose mission is to take back the word drinking from alcohol.

Tell us about how you started Ghia.

Ghia was born of the idea that gatherings shouldn’t always have to revolve around drinking. It was directly inspired by summers spent with my family in the south of France near the Mediterranean. With those memories in mind, Ghia is meant to connect over shared experiences and create moments to remember.

Where do you see Ghia going in the next 5-10 years?

My dream would be for Ghia to be ubiquitous worldwide and for people all over the world to know the name and the feel of Ghia – that feeling when you’re fully present but don’t need to imbibe.

How are you collaborating with Arlo and what are you most excited about with this collaboration?

Arlo is crafting non-alcoholic menus so naturally Ghia had to be a part of it! I am most excited for travelers to enjoy a refreshing Spritz after a long journey.

Where do you hope to grow within the Arlo Brand?

We hope to be in the mini bars so that travelers can have Ghia right in their rooms! And generally work together to provide better and more sustainable hospitality to everyone.

Do you think it’s been challenging or inspiring or both to be an anomaly as a female founder?

I like to see it positively and acknowledge that there has never been a better time to be a female founder. It is quite inspiring to be able to contribute to the lives of future generations.

Have you seen that change at all over time? Easier now than at the beginning?  

Past generations of women have made so many huge strides and that now I feel that I’m in a place where I am empowered in everything I do. I hope to continue paving the way for my future daughters.

As a woman, what was the biggest challenge you endured during the beginning of your career?  

I don’t think that my challenges were gender specific but the hardest bit for me was finding the courage to start my own company. Luckily, I was surrounded by a group of exceptionally talented women who I could turn to for advice.

What would you like to see change for women across the world?

It’s still shocking to me that in 2022 we haven’t achieved true gender equality. I hope to be able to see a world where all women have full control of their own bodies and are not treated as second class citizens. We still have a long way to go!

What are you most passionate about outside of work?  

I try to spend as much time as I can away from screens. Some of my favorite things to do when I can get away from my computer are cooking, traveling, and surfing. I’m also a bit of a sustainability freak.

Favorite place you have been in the world?

The list is very, very long but I specifically love India, Japan and Italy equally. If I had to choose I’d have to say that being home in France is my favorite place to be.

Where will you get on a plane to next?  

These days it seems like I am on a plane every week! Right now, I am most looking forward to my annual trip to Europe in the summer.

Anything last min you want to share with our guests as an ARLOcal??  

Thank you for having me! I hope you will all love Ghia.