Name: Sonny Gindi

Instagram: @Sonnynotsunny

Where are you from?: Brooklyn, NY

What industry are you in, what do you do and how do you define happiness:
I work in retail but it’s much more than that, The Allure Store really is the most active beauty venue in the country. We host up to 150 brand events a Quarter. it is a place where Brands get to meet the allure readers and new faces in person through both in-store events and special collaborations like with the Arlo Hotel. For my own happiness, I try my best to break a sweat a couple of times a week and hang out with good friends.  

Tell us about how you founded the Allure Store, what was the inspiration behind it?:
We founded the Allure Store in collaboration with Conde Nast, we both had this shared vision of bringing the ultimate beauty influencer in the space to retail. Allure wanted to bring their expert curation to life by choosing their favorite and most trusted products. Because only brands who have been approved by the editorial team can be in the store.

Where do you see the Allure Store going in the next 5-10 years?:
We see it in every major market in the country!

How did you come up with the vision for the Allure store collaboration with Arlo? What does this collaboration mean to you and where do you hope to grow within Arlo?
The Arlo Hotel is a place to be in NYC and carries a lot of the brand values that we do. We also wanted to add some delight to the Arlo guests with a sample of our favorite picks.

What are you most passionate about?:
Unfortunately, New York sports.

Charities (if any):
I do some work at a local food pantry! But never enough.

Are there any charities you are passionate about and/or working with?
am proud to be a board member of the not for profit organization – The Fashion Group International where I act as secretary of the board. Fashion Group International helps to  develop professionals in the fashion and fashion related fields.

Favorite place you have been in the world?

Where will you get on a plane to next?
I would love to go visit a friend in London soon!

Where our guests can find you:

At the store! Come by!