If you’ve been paying attention to all things technology and news this weekend, then you may have heard about some recent headlines mentioning “Vero”. Sure, new apps come out daily, and with this day in age it may be hard to keep up with all things trending. Vero, however, is bringing more than just another photo sharing app to the table. Vero is being named the new Instagram. We’re bringing you everything you need to know about Vero below.

What is Vero?
Vero is a social networking app that lets you share more than just your photos. You can link your favorite songs, movies, books, and locations all in one app. Founded by Ayman Hariri, a Lebanese billionaire, Vero has been around and in the works since 2015. The name Vero also means “truth” in Esperanto – bringing forward the idea of authenticity and “ a genuine reflection of people’s real-life relationships in an online setting”.

Why is it popular all of the sudden?

Many popular Instagram users have posted about their new account on Vero, which lead to their audience flocking to download the app. However, the app is currently receiving technical outages due to the high influx of new users.

How is it different from Instagram?
Two words: No algorithms. Instagram has been receiving criticism for the amount of ads displayed on the app. Companies on Vero can include a “buy now” button to link the goods they sell, thus avoiding influencers to post paid advertisements. With Vero, there are no ads, which means it cannot control what you see and all photos are in chronological order. With Vero, you have full control over what you share to certain people – meaning, you rate your connections as a close friend, friend, acquaintance, or a follower. The layout of the feed is also cleaner, making it more appealing to the eye.

Is it free?
Yes, for a limited amount of time. Vero says their first 1 million users will be able to have a free subscription to its service for life. FOMO, much?

So will Vero be the new Instagram or just a fad? We’ll see once the free subscriptions come to an end.