New Yorkers always say things that leave you with some food for thought. Or in this case, things that makes you laugh. We sat down at Arlo SoHo’s Camp Arlo and listened in. Here are some of our faves.

Is this what glamping is?

No.. but close.

Have you tried goat milk in your coffee? It’s what all the bloggers drink.

This ain’t no farm.

She told me to take her skiing. So I brought her here and got her a shot ski.

What a guy.

Is he your sugar daddy or your daddy?


Can you leave? I’m meditating in here. The scent of pine really makes me zen.

Let this girl get her chakras in place!

This is so cute. It reminds me of my ex’s cabin he dumped me in.

Must have been a nice cabin. Can we date your ex?

Dude, are both wearing a white Hanes V-Neck?

Take it off! Take it off!

I told this guy on Bumble i’m into camping. This counts right?


Take a pic of me with that blanket. I want to show the f*boys i’m all about cuffing season.

Get cozy girlfriend.

We’re definitely the hottest couple south of 14th street. At least today.

America’s next top models, ya’ll.

OMG I would so have room for one of these if I moved to Astoria. Would you come visit me?

That’s basically living in a different country. Maybe.

This place totally reminds me of last winter in Tahoe. This girl…

Had to cut that one off. Last summer at band camp vibes…

I was on a juice cleanse for the last 3 days. I’m gonna be more lit than this tent.

Just don’t start a fire.

Baby, when you get promoted, can you buy me one of these tents? But for now can you just buy me some smores?

No comment.

Dating a model was a life changing experience. I lost like 10 pounds and have eaten an acai bowl every day since.

New year, new you?

Bro, I’ve slammed down 7 PBR’s and we didn’t even get to brunch yet.

Sooo you either live in Brooklyn or go to NYU. Or both.

My boyfriend wants to come to Coachella with me, but I don’t know how to tell him my other boyfriend will already be there.


I’ve spent my entire savings this year on going out. F it, let’s order another shot.

That’s the spirit!

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