Name: Jason Scott

Instagram: @jason_scott

Where are you from?

Grew up in a suburb about 30 min north of Chicago.

What industry are you in and what do you do? 

I started my own clothing brand called Jason Scott. We make clothes for men and women with the goal to inspire individualism. We look at our collection as a blank canvas for the customer to then take and mix it into their individual style.

How do you define happiness?

I feel like this always changes depending on where you are in life, but at the moment I’d say it’s a moment in time when you’re fully relaxed and carefree. For me that’s usually on a golf course or on a mountain. With that said I always hate using one thing to define happiness because so many things lately bring me happiness. Seeing how our customer reacts to our collection every time is something I will never get over, it’s the best.

Tell us about how you started Jason Scott?

It started without me really realizing what I was doing. For about a year or so I was conceptually creating the brand in my head without knowing it. I would spend my free time in stores looking at product and wondering why things were done a certain way or wondering what if this was done instead. That lead to almost an obsession of me looking at products getting frustrated at the way things existed and how I felt there was a major hole in the market. After about a year of this I knew if I never gave it a shot, I would always regret it, so I quit my job and went all in. I got a job at a restaurant to make money to support myself at night and for about 2 years I spend every day learning about fabrics and how to make clothes. Once I felt the collection was in a good place, I took samples to a trade show by myself and basically launched the line.

Where do you see Jason Scott going in the next 5-10 years?

I always feel like this is one of the hardest things to answer because as the owner of a company and especially a brand, you have to always adapt. I think you’ll see us do more collabs which are always fun to work on and possibly a few physical locations where customers can experience the product and the brand in person.

How are you collaborating with Arlo and what are you most excited about with this collaboration?

Our office/showroom is right around the corner from the Arlo SoHo, so we’re going to offer a private shopping experience for Arlo guests at our showroom. We also have a few pop-ups lined up at the Arlo SoHo for April right before summer kicks off.

Where do you hope to grow within the Arlo brand?

I hope to continue to build relationships with the people who work at the Arlo and continue to collaborate, whether it be events, pop-ups, special Arlo branded Jason Scott tees, etc., we hope to support each other’s growth. I hope that both of us continue to expand our footprint outside of New York and remain adjacent in the locations we choose to open in.

What are you most passionate about?  

Aside from Chicago sports, golf, snowboarding and traveling, I’d say experiences and discovery. I know that’s a broad answer but it’s what I truly love more than anything. They can be anything from meeting a random artist in Washington Square Park and hearing their story to traveling to Europe and getting lost in the streets and finding a great coffee shop or restaurant. I tend to get stuck in routines as I am a victim of habit but when I’m able to break away from that is when I find and discover new experiences that shape my life.

Favorite place you have been in the world?  

This is an impossible question, it’s like choosing your favorite restaurant, there are so many favorites. One place that comes to mind is Israel. I’m not someone who’s very religious but growing up Jewish it was amazing to be able to visit Israel and see the history of the religion and culture.

Where will you get on a plane to next?  

Probably Chicago for opening day of the Cubs season but after that I am planning on taking a trip for some inspiration to either Portugal or Denmark and Iceland.

Where can our guests find you?

The best place would be our site Our showroom in Tribeca is also open to the public by appointment.

Anything last min you want to share with our guests as an ARLOcal??  

If you’re visiting NYC one of the best things you can do is to go explore and get lost in the city. Not in the literal sense but just go walk without a plan or an idea od direction. The best places in the city are the random places you’ll see when you’re not expecting it. I’ve lived here for 5 years and I still do this and always see and find new things.