It’s snowing yet again in NYC, so you’re home and ready to have an epic snow day! Will you be super productive and clean your whole apartment? Go above and beyond with work projects? Or workout for a few hours to show yourself what you’ve got? Eh, maybe… but that sounds like a lot. Read on for how we suggest you spend your perfect snow day.

Step 1: Wake Up Without an Alarm

Ah, you wake up after sleeping in for a bit, and life is good! You may be a bit groggy because you’re hungover (who doesn’t go out the night before a snow storm, right) or because you may have slept for 12 hours. You check your phone and begin an endless Instagram scroll. You see everyone’s old snow photos from like 5 years ago, captioned “Snow day in NYC <3”, watch a couple videos on how to make a bacon/ramen/egg cheeseburger topped with a doughnut, and then debate having pizza for breakfast. You totally could, if you’re staying at Arlo NoMad, at our Bodega. And if you have no access to pizza, you could get fancy and make a very nice avocado toast (sans the avocado that you probably don’t have).

Step 2: Chill…in bed.

You make breakfast, grab your laptop, and go back to bed, where you check in on work emails. You should also take a few online quizzes, such as,”What Kind of Potato Are You,” or “Build Your Dream House and We’ll Tell you Who your Husband Will Be.” Debate for a moment if you should get up, but think about how silly that is, and continue interneting on Pinterest, where you make about 12 different boards and say you’ll start that DIY project today.

Step 3: Chill… on the couch

You decide it’s time for a walk! You take a few steps and make it to your couch, congrats. On the way, you pick up a few different snack options for your binge watching saga. You begin the binge with Skinny Pop and chocolate-covered Espresso beans. We recommend reality tv, such Teen Mom (throwback), or Real Housewives (drama!!!). We will leave you here for a few hours.

Step 4: Food

All this snacking and doing nothing has left you starving! (am I the only one?). You decide you need comfort food and decide to order in. You browse Seamless for a while, and debate what you’re in the mood for. Thai food? Curry? Burger? Decide on all three.

Step 5: Debate warm-weather getaway

Look outside at the falling snow and wonder how much longer this endless winter will last. Touch the window and feel how cold it is. Look at Google Flights and debate if you should go on a weekend trip to Miami, Cancun, or St. Maarten. Realize you don’t have a beach body or the money. Go back to the couch.

Step 6: Venture Outside?

Realize you do feel too lazy inside and think about how your friends might be day drinking. Go to the pub across the street with a friend that lives in the area (or alone). If you’re near Arlo SoHo, you can go to Camp Arlo and drink spiked hot chocolate, and at Arlo NoMad you can get warm at BARlo with our fireplace and blankets. On your way, you freeze your butt off and almost get hit by a cab while getting the perfect Instagram story of the snow to show off to all of your internet friends. #SnowDayGoals

Step 7: Dinner

Slip n slide your way back to your apartment and realize it’s time for dinner. Mac n’ cheese has never sounded better! Make some and begin your internet scroll yet again. Feel guilty for not working out… or doing anything at all today.

Step 8: Check Your Work Email

Check your work email again, because you were “working from home today”. See you have 25 emails, 5 missed Gmail chats, and a few urgent subject lines in your email. (Maybe you should actually take some time to work now because that doesn’t sound too good).

Step 9: Finish The Day

Send 5 emails and feel super accomplished! Go back to the couch to resume the binge watching. While doing this, you scroll through your Facebook to find an old snow photo and post it to Instagram. Say you had an epic snow day and look at all this snow you adventured in ALL day! Feel even more accomplished. Lounge some more until you’re ready for bed, and make a few online purchases of much needed Sephora beauty products and some new pairs of shoes. You deserve it after this long day, after all.