Name: Scarlett Leung

Instagram: @scarlett_leung
Where are you from?: Toronto, Canada

What industry are you in and what do you do: 

Consumer Health. I am the CEO and co-founder of Sugarbreak, a non-prescription support system to empower people to take control of their blood sugar.

How is your brand working with Arlo hotels and how do you envision being a part of Arlo in the future?

Our products are going to be available to Arlo guests to help them stay on track with their health goals while they are away from home. We have all experienced how hard it is to eat healthfully when you are away from home and exploring a new city. Resist is our minty breath strip that curbs sugar craving by blocking the taste of sweet. Our Stabilize product blocks the absorption of excess carbs and sugars, so you don’t need to feel guilty about eating out and also won’t have the post-meal carb coma that derails your going out plans.

What does being an ARLOcal means to you?

Being ARLOcal to me is like having a home away from home. The comfortable place to rest your head at the end of the day and the confidence in exploring local spots that are off the beaten path in a new city.

What are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about improving lives and this is what I’ve dedicated my career to. Right now my focus is on Diabetes because it impacts 1 in 3 Americans, yet most of them do not know that they are at risk. I am raising awareness around blood sugar so that people can live their best lives free from chronic diseases.

Charity work (if any):

I work closely with the Diabetes Research Institute, which is the largest organization dedicated to finding a cure for Diabetes. Ultimately, we want to eradicate Diabetes from the world, but in the meantime improve the quality of life for those struggling with blood sugar. The DRI has a world class facility in Miami where they have performed studies from the impact of Omega 3 in delaying type 1 diabetes in children all the way to transplanting islet cells from the pancreas to produce insulin. Sugarbreak donates 1% of all sales to DRIF.

We also work with an amazing organization called Health Careers Connection that places students of color into internships at healthcare related companies. We have been able to bring in amazing talent that we would not have had access to otherwise.

Favorite place you have been in the world:

Tokyo. I’ve lost count of the times I have visited the city, but there is always something new to explore. I love the attention to detail that is put into everything, even the convenience store sandwiches are perfect. The food, the fashion, the culture and the people are just amazing.

Where will you get on a plane to next:

Palm Springs to attend one of my best friend’s wedding. It will be the first of 5 weddings that I will be flying to next year!

Where our guests can find you:

Website here