Valentine’s. Galentine’s. Cards, chocolates, date nights and girls’ dinners. February is the month of love, and we’re here for it… but we also want to ensure that you’re celebrating numero uno as you’re spreading all that love around. Self-love starts with self-care, and there’s no better time to take care of you than right now.

Kate Turner is Arlo’s new wellness curator, and with her mission to bring the “best of wellness” to Arlo guests and neighbors, she is the perfect person to help us master the art of self-care. Here, the former competitive dancer and current communications expert shares her top tips for making self-care a priority, this month and beyond.

Kate, you’re Arlo’s new wellness curator. How do you define “wellness?”

KT: Wellness means partaking in daily practices and activities that provide physical, mental and emotional benefits to a person’s mind, body, and soul. It’s important to note that wellness is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Even small steps toward personal wellness make a huge impact.

What is the connection between wellness and self-love or self-respect?

KT: Wellness comes in all forms, like taking a walk, reading a book, meeting a friend for coffee, working out, or meditating, just to name a few examples. Wellness helps us establish our understanding of ourselves and develop a deep emotional self-acceptance. I believe the pandemic allowed people to “slow down” and come to appreciate “me” time. Putting aside time for yourself is one of the most crucial aspects to living a happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

What are the most important things we can do for our own self-care?

KT: My top self-care activities include:

Developing a routine: As a busy entrepreneur, life can get away from me (more often than I’d like to admit), so I put time aside for myself by sticking to a morning routine. Before I check emails, I make a cup of coffee, workout, shower, do my skincare routine and I take my dog Bailey to the dog park for some play time. (Getting a dog is a great form of self-care!)

Setting aside “me” time: Just being with your own thoughts, in your body, and being present is great for our wellness. It could mean sitting on the couch and listening to music. You don’t have to spend money for something to be self-care.

Doing random acts of kindness: Philanthropy is an important part of my life, but simple, small acts of kindness also contribute to our feeling of wellbeing.

What kinds of wellness events have you been planning for Arlo?

KT: The Arlo Hotels Wellness Programming will consist of quarterly retreats and weekly programming in NYC and Miami. My goal is to bring the best of wellness to Arlo by incorporating movement, mindfulness and more. We currently host weekly wellness programming at Arlo Wynwood with our partners YO-BK and VXN. I’m working on a Spring/Summer program, similar to Wynwood, for NYC as well.

Our retreats will consist of healthy breakfasts and lunches, workout classes, sound baths and/or meditation, treatments like facials, manicures, massages, IV shots, shopping and more. Plus, attendees will leave with a curated gift bag of popular products such as journals, skincare, and protein bars.

This month, we’re hosting a Self-Care Retreat at Arlo SoHo in NYC on February 11, which will include shopping by Daughter Lessons, and vitamin shots and compression boots by Next Health. In Miami, our Self-Care Retreats at Nautilus by Arlo on February 25 will feature hand massages, facials, makeup and brow services by DA Beauty Bar, and more. Tickets for all retreats will be open to Arlo guests and members of the public.

Kate Turner is Arlo Hotels’ Wellness Curator, and the founder and owner of Kate Communications Group.