This Women’s History Month, we’re recognizing two of the many incredible women who make Arlo Hotels shine. Here, Heather Berti and Maggie Houston Stokes, two of our respected leaders, share more about their pivotal roles and how Arlo supports women in hospitality.

Heather Berti, Senior Vice President of People Services: I oversee all functions of Human Resources for Arlo Hotels. I work with a team that supports employee culture for all properties. My favorite thing about my job is the human element and interaction I have each and every day. I get to see people grow and progress in their role and hopefully help make an impact on their life.

Maggie Houston Stokes, Corporate Director of Operations: I’m responsible for leading the brand standards of operations of our hotels and our team members. I hold General Managers and senior leaders accountable in budgeting, planning, organizing, and directing all hotel services, ensuring consistency in brand awareness and standard operating procedures. I love the diversity of my role. I enjoy supporting our teams in our various markets and helping to employ solutions that can make a difference at a property or brand level.

Heather: I believe there has been such an open door for women at Arlo; it really comes down to our passion for it. Arlo has allowed anyone to become who they want to be as long as they have the passion, openness, and desire for growth. Over the years, I have seen females of this company grow and excel to become managers, directors, and general managers. Through eCornell classes on female leadership—which is free for all Arlo team members—to the development of a mentorship program, Arlo has created paths for anyone who wants them.

Maggie: There is no glass ceiling at Arlo. In fact, a good majority of our senior leaders are and have always been women. As a company, we actively support equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives to maintain a diverse representation within our workforce.

Heather: This past year, we celebrated with a video interview montage of interviews from some of our female senior leadership, which was amazing to see.

Maggie: Since its inception, Arlo has always recognized Women’s History Month across our hotels. While this recognition generally includes a small token of thanks, I feel the personalized support from our female senior leaders is the most impactful to our next generation of female talent.

Heather: Empathy is the first thought that comes to mind. At Arlo, this has allowed for thoughtful approaches in good times but also in the not so good times. People recognize and appreciate this. Also, integrity: In a senior leadership capacity, you have the power to influence and make decisions which impact a team. Having integrity allows you to think and discuss all avenues and the impact each will have before making that decision.

Maggie: While I believe vulnerability has been historically considered a weakness in business, I feel females employ a sense of vulnerability that allows us to foster deeper relationships and unity within our teams. By showing greater compassion and empathy, we create closer bonds with those we support and, by proxy, employ stronger work forces.

Heather: “Behind every great woman … is another great woman.”

Maggie: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” —Eleanor Roosevelt. Since I didn’t pursue a traditional path through higher education in hospitality, I often questioned my ability to lead. In reality, I can confidently say my lack of formal education has been a benefit and allowed me to question readily, and look at what we do through an untraditional lens.

Heather: If companies can continue to support the growth of female leadership by offering an environment to learn and develop, I see more females coming to the table with executive and senior-level capacities. It takes time and companies who want to support that initiative.

Maggie: “In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” —Sheryl Sandberg. My outlook aligns with Sheryl’s. I envision a strong future for females and look forward to celebrating the success of our next generation.