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Style & Grace - Women's History Month, a woman learning floating in water

About the Event

Already HER, Celebrating Women’s History Month

“Style & Grace” ArtRepublic x Arlo Wynwood Exhibition

Women’s History Month is about celebrating women’s contributions; contributions that were once omitted from history. Women’s history month gives us an opportunity to get a more complete picture of the past to better info and build our future.

Our collective works to create places and spaces for women to thrive, to open doors of opportunity and to celebrate each other. Women are intuitive, intellectual creatures. By supporting each other we can live our fullest life, develop an abundance mentality, an authentic voice and leave our fingerprint on the world.

Please join us as we commune with the women artists and subjects of the Style and Grace exhibition to celebrate a woman’s power, strength, and true voice.

2217 NW Miami Court
Miami, FL 33127 United States

March 18, 2023 @ 6:00 pm 9:00 pm


6-7pm Reception and Group Painting with Tierra Armstrong

Live painting activation by Miami muralist Tierra Armstrong. “Affirmation” number to color piece by guests and Tierra Armstrong.

7-8pm Speaker Panel and Short Film

A short film that will debut with clips from women around the world sharing their insights and hopes for the future. Speaker list:

8-9pm HER Already Photo Shoot with Jade Lilly and Live Music by Emma Del Rey

Already HER crown and throne photo shoot will take place at Higher Ground. Sit down as “HER” already. We spend so much time thinking of the future version of ourselves, but we encourage you to sit down as already HER and embody that version of yourself today.

Jade Lilly

Jade Lilly, human rainbow, who’s ultimate goal is to spread light and bring beauty through colors. Jade is a visionary photographer and artist that is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming space for people to express themselves and be vulnerable through her work. With over 30 of her images featured in prestigious publications like Vogue and activations in Afropunk, Jade has established herself as a creative force to be reckoned with. In addition to her success in the art world, she has also given lectures for major brands like Apple and Leica.

Tierra Armstrong

Tierra Armstrong is a Miami-based painter and muralist. Her paintings depict figures in sacred moments that transcend space and time. She uses religious iconography – colors as symbolism and light emanations – to articulate the divinity of Black bodies. Her work often explores the balanced duality of feminine and masculine energies irrespective of gender. Influenced by her experiences in Mexico City and Chicago, she draws inspiration for her murals from the self-determinism of communities of color. Tierra and her mother are the subjects in Jade Lilly’s “Style and Grace” piece.

Exhibition Location: Arlo Wynwood – 2217 NW Miami Ct., 3rd floor – on view until May 13, 2023

Curated by: ArtRepublic‘s Jessica Santiago, and Octavia Yearwood